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When you need a part for your vintage tractor that no one seems to be able to locate, Use The Locator. Whether it's a starter for a 1947 International or an entire 1956 Oliver Super 66 I can find it. If you have excess parts or tractors you are parting out I can find someone who wants to buy those parts and pay reasonable prices for them. So just leave a message on the web board or email The Locator and I will find what you need.

Update: With the arrival of Facebook and other social networks the face of our purpose has been corrupted by the the strictly commercial endeavors. Our immediate and on going concern is the small farmers who need and depend on equipment they own. The host of my Guestbook has abandoned this type of service, their commitment and taken all of the data with them. We continue to link to the bulletin board even though most of our interaction comes via email or telephone. Please continue to use the bulletin board as it is tied to my cell phone. This number is included in any email correspondence. Thank you again for your support.

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I have added some pictures of various tractors, the links are below

To the 1938 Farmall     SOLD     To 1941 Oliver 70      SOLD      To 1947 Farmall M      SOLD      To 1942 Oliver

For more help finding what you need please visit Fastrac.

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Last Update:  July 4, 2022

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